Faskinkniv m/1805


  • This pattern name maybe has to be adjusted. In all references it is named M 1805, but in my researches i found documents from the year 1802, where 1000 blades where bought for these faskinknivs. Additional there exist a series of pictures, "Charackteristische Darstellung der vorzüglichsten europäischen Militairs" editet in the years 1802-1804 in Augsburg, Bavaria, so called Augsburger Bilderserie (Augsburg Picture-Series). At one of these pictures are to see the artillery-men wearing this faskinkniv. In a Newspaper from 11.September 1804 I found a request of a reader (collector of these pictures) to the editorial-staff, wich pictures of these series are issued already. The printed answer was, that the picture with the artllery is issued already. I think it is enough documentary evidence to say, that these faskinkniv has to be renamed. I would name it pattern 1802.
    By the way, I think I have seen at your page the scabbard for this faskinkniv with the description,
    that an old label is glued on it, dated in the year 1804.

  • Add.: The piece on your picture must be from the time after 1805 because of the engraved cypher on the blade. It is the cypher of King Maximilian Joseph. Bavaria became a kingdom in 1805. The cypher before 1805 should be without the kings crown.

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