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  • Hello,
    Do you know what ship Plate XXXI from Chapman represents? I am building a model ship from Euromodel which is based off this plan, but Euromodel refers to the ship as the French ship Le Renommee, which I think is incorrect:

    Some speculate the ship is a Swedish ship named "Jupiter" - Wolfram zu Mondfeld's "Historic Ship Models" has this ship's stern shown on page 108 and labels it the Swedish privateer Jupiter from 1760.
    Since I couldn't find any information on a Swedish ship named Jupiter, I thought I would write you to see if you had any ideas which ship this plate represents. Thank you so much in advance, and best wishes.

  • Unfortunately I have no information that will help you. Chapman himself did not give the privateer a name (which he did for several other ships in the Architectura). I have looked for information about a Swedish ship from 1760 called Jupiter, but have not found anything. There are several ships called Jupiter, but none from the correct year. I am sorry not to have been of any help.

  • Thank you!

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